• Shepherdess Lamb Feeder

    Shepherdess Lamb Feeder

    Shepherdess Semi-Automatic Orphan Lamb Feeder For a limited time only, we will supply 1 x 5Kg of SCA milk replacer powder with each Shepherdess feeder Provides a simple system of delivering warm fresh milk to lambs 24 hours a day Found to be very effective and reliable in the feeding of orphan lambs, which thrive on this machine, maintaining very tight skins, little belly and improved growth rates without digestive upsets.

  • Generators


    Petrol and Silenced Diesel Generators - Ideal as home standby generators and is also very popular in the construction industry, with Farmers and Horse owners.
    Also a Range of Space Heaters Ideal for Workshops and Building work.

  • Winter Essentials

    Winter Essentials

    Don't be caught out this winter with Frozen Taps and Icy Paths and Tracks, We have a wide range of products to get you through the winter months. From Farmyard Hydrants and Non-Freeze Mixer Taps to Grit Spreaders and Liquid De-Icers.

  • Wet Weather Gear

    Wet Weather Gear

    Keep Warm & Dry this winter with our range of Wet Weather and Work Clothing. Products in Flexothane, Neoprene and the Flexi-Wet Range.

  • Haybell for Horses - Round Bale Cover

    Haybell for Horses - Round Bale Cover

    Designed to fit over a standard round bale this product protects hay in all weather conditions and minimises wastage due to trampling or fouling. It also delivers superior nutrition by minimising nutrient loss from exposure to weather. Manufactured from robust plastic to protect hay in all weather conditions.

  • Lambing Time !!!

    Lambing Time !!!

    Lambing time is here again ! Stock up on all your Lambing Essentials .... Everything from Lubricants to Shepherdess Feeders and Lamb Pullers